Friday, August 21, 2015

Landscape of MarTech Vendor Directories

I'm making a presentation on marketing technology selection at B2BLeadsCon in New York next week, and had thought to start with the usual Oh-My-God-There-Are-So-Many-Vendors slide to get everybody's attention.  This would ordinarily be Scott Brinker's popular Chief MarTech Landscape but I've recently seen so many variations on the theme that I put together a composite slide instead.  This includes Scott's slide plus versions from Luma Partners, Gartner, MarTech Advisor, Terminus/FlipMyFunnel, and Growthverse.

I considered labeling this a "landscape of landscapes" but quickly realized that (a) it's not all that witty and (b) six vendors isn't enough.  But on further reflection, I recognized that these landscapes are really a type of directory that helps marketers find available products.  This led me to consider other types of online directories, of which there are many.  So I did end up producing a landscape that still isn't as crowded as Scott's but does show the number of information sources available.

As you see, this contains four sets of products: the original six landscapes, divided between the static images and the two interactive options (both very cool).  In addition, there are two directories with analyst ratings, from Gleanster and TopAlternatives.  But the biggest category is the community review sites, of which the best known among marketers are probably G2 Crowd, TrustRadius, and Software Advice.  Because the purpose here is to list tools that help marketers find systems to purchase, I didn't extend the landscape to business directories like Crunchbase, VentureBeat's VB Profiles and Owler.

I did look at every vendor shown in the graphic and can affirm that each includes at least some marketing systems.  There are some interesting differences in approach but, like any good landscape creator, I'll simply give you a set of logos and let you research from there. Again following the tradition of landscape publishers, I make no claims about the completeness of my list or the quality of any of the companies listed.  But I will make your life a bit easier by listing all the links below.  Enjoy!

Chief MarTech
G2 Crowd
Luma Partners 
MarTech Advisor
IT Central Station
Social Compare
Software Advice
Software Insider (formerly FindTheBest)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for including us in your list, David. There are indeed a number of great resources with both customer and analyst reviews of software + SaaS to help buyers make their purchase decisions!

Unknown said...

David, have you heard of CabinetM? What Anita is building is a highly specialized directory for marketing technology, and I think she's got it right.

Hope your talk this week went well - I think i saw you in my session on personas! Sorry to miss you.


Bastian said...

There is another one: with about 1900 vendors listed.