Thursday, October 23, 2008

Demand Generation Overview

As I promised (threatened?) in my last post, I've been furiously writing articles to explain demand generation for the new Guide Web site. I just finished #2, the not-very-creatively titled "Introduction to Demand Generation Systems" and posted it there.

I won't recap the piece in detail, but am pleased that it does contain pictures. One illustrates my conception of how demand generation systems fit into the world of marketing systems, as follows:

Is that cute or what?
The others are a pair of flow charts illustrating four tasks within the lead managgement cycle...

... and then how those fit into the larger marketing management process:

The over-all thesis is that those six tasks determine the basic requirements of a demand generation system, and you judge a system based on how well its features fulfill them.

Anyway, you probably knew all that. But I do like the pictures.

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