Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Making Some Changes

Maybe it's that spring has finally arrived, but, for whatever reason, I have several changes to announce.

- Most obviously, I've changed the look of this blog itself. Partly it's because I was tired of the old look, but mostly it's to allow me to take advantage of new capabilities now provided by Blogger. The most interesting is a new polling feature. You'll see the first poll at the right.

- I've also started a new blog "MPM Toolkit" at http://mpmtoolkit.blogspot.com/. In this case, MPM stands for Marketing Performance Measurement. This has a been a topic of growing professional interest to me; in fact, I have a book due out on the topic this fall (knock wood). I felt the subject was different enough from what I've been writing about here to justify a blog of its own. Trying to keep the brand messages clear, as it were.

- I have resumed working under the Raab Associates Inc. umbrella, and am now a consultant rather than partner with Client X Client. This has more to do with accounting than anything else. It does, however, force me to revisit my portion of the Raab Associates Web site, which has not been updated since the (Bill) Clinton Administration. I'll probably set up a new separate site fairly soon.

Sorry to bore you with personal details. I'll make a more substantive post tomorrow.

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