Monday, April 16, 2007

More Details on Enpocket

I had a brief but enlightening chat last week with Mike Baker, CEO of Enpocket. Mike clarified that Enpocket is as marketing services agency, which means its software is only used for its own services clients. He also said that Enpocket does indeed offer interactive messaging capabilities like voting, polling, surveys, coupons, store finders and such, even though its Web site may not highlight the fact. Mike called such services “table stakes” for companies who want to compete in this field, which is why they’re barely worth mentioning. (I’ve corrected my April 3 post on mobile marketing systems to reflect this.)

But our conversation did confirm that the primary focus at Enpocket is on advertising, rather than messaging. According to Mike, three things make them unique:

- multimodal transmission, which includes ads via SMS (text messages), MMS (multi-media messages), and insertion into other applications such as games, downloads, and video.

- a database marketing focus, using customer profiling to target ads. These profiles include previous transactions known to the cellular carriers, as well as demographics and other behaviors.

- propensity scores that identify the most appropriate offers for each customer. These are updated daily and made available to the ad server, which uses them to select content.

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