Monday, April 28, 2008

New Web Site and Archive

The new Web site I mentioned the other day is now up and running at This turned out to be an interesting little science project. I had originally figured to go the usual route of hiring a Web developer, but realized while I was assessing tools for this blog and MPM Toolkit that I could easily build the site myself in Wordpress in a fraction of the time and nearly for free. Even more important, I can make changes at will. I also looked at the open source content management system Joomla, which would have given some additional capabilities. But Joomla had a steeper learning curve and didn't seem worth the bother, at least for now.

Part of the project was a new archive of my past articles, which is now technically its own Wordpress blog. The big advantage vs. our old archive is you now get a proper search function. Anybody interested in a trip down memory lane regarding marketing software is welcome to browse articles dating from 1993. I've always figured someone would write a doctoral thesis based on this stuff.

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