Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Customer Experience Frameworks

One of the interesting things about writing this blog is seeing how visitors find it. I use a simple page-tagging service called StatCounter that tells me which Web page visitors come from. Often these are Google searches for terms that have been used in my posts. When I have a few minutes to spare, I often click on those searches myself to see what else is coming up.

Yesterday someone did one of those searches on “customer experience framework”. (The phrase was in quotes if you want to run the same search yourself.) I was pleased to see both this blog and the Client X Client Web site www.clientxclient.com. Some of the other interesting hits were:


Secor Consulting

Diamond Consultants
http://www.diamondconsultants.com/PublicSite/ideas/perspectives/downloads/MNVO.Diamond.Single.pdf (see page 19 in particular)

Audrey Carr blog

Beyond Philosophy


Peppers & Rogers Group

I won’t comment on these designs in detail. But in general, it’s interesting to see the variety of approaches being taken. Most frameworks are basically ways to organize information about the components of customer experience. Others describe the process of designing a company’s target experience. (Google found several additional frameworks focused specifically on designing Web experiences, but I’ve removed those from the list.) Still others capture the actual sequence of events in a customer life cycle. For what it’s worth, Client X Client’s Customer Experience Matrix falls into that last category.

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